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Fabb Events Newcastle 13/04/2013


I thought I best get this post up pretty sharpish since some people had theirs up an hour or so after the event!

On Saturday I attended a @FabbEvents Newcastle bloggers meet up. I am useless at parking in town so I took the metro, brave move. The event was held at Tiger Tiger near The Gate. I have never been to Tiger Tiger before drunk or sober so I think I amused a staff member by asking if I was in Tiger Tiger because inside it doesn't say it anywhere. The event was held upstairs in the Kanola room. I was met outside the room by Ray(@raywhoisshe) and Tor (@tornumber9 ) and had one of those "they are real!?" moments. It was lovely to meet them they were so nice and down to earth.

I went inside noticed everyone was huddled in little booths I felt like a bit of a fool and walked back out to where Ray and Tor were. They asked me if I had spoke to any of the other girls before the event which I had luckily the night before, Elaine (@Elaine_the2BBs). Tor and Ray helped me find her which I was so pleased about.

The Kanola room was beach themed there was flowers everywhere, beach hut styled booths and fancy cocktails. A couple of the girls got a treasure chest which was huge! no one really noticed until the barman walked over with a sparkler to finish it off haha.

We had a few guest speakers, Rosie from Tinned Bananas who spoke to us about her fashion line, she had brought a few items into show us the SS13 collection. The patterns on the clothes were amazing I would have love a pair of hot pants for when I do trampolining!

Later on Sandra Tang spoke to us about Newcastle Fashion week, we were all lucky enough to get a ticket to the event. What I loved most about this talk was that the tops for Newcastle Fashion week are being sold at Fenwicks and all the money raised goes to Cash for Kids which is such a great cause!

I ended up sticking with Elaine most of the time we were there but mingled with a few other people. We ended up talking to Maddie (@Madi_jonesx) and Sarah (@MissBosson) near the who were both lovely! I am sorry if I didn't mention you I am useless at remembering peoples names!

Throughout the event there were giveaways where we had to tweet to win the prizes, I was lucky enough to win some of the items. Below is a photo of all the lovely freebies/ prizes I got from the event.

Thank you Ray and Tor for arranging this event it was a fantastic way to meet other bloggers and I will happily meet up/ go to another blogger event again!. Anyone unsure about attending a Fabb Event you should 100% go I also feel like I have made some new friends in the process!

I have also decided after attending the Fabb Events Newcastle I need to get my butt into gear and start blogging again. I had never stopped the shopping just the writing. I had lots of pictures taken and even a few drafts so to make up for it I am going to blog every day this week :)

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