Tuesday, 16 April 2013

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation


Foundation hunt again, I went to YSL at Debenhams in the Metro Centre and was not that impressed with their service at YSL it took them ages to even realize I was looking. When she did come over she shade matched me by getting a colour which was BR20 and giving me a lovely tribal stripe down my chin with her unwashed hands over the top of my make up. She then handed me a mirror, classy! I just rubbed it in and asked for a sample and ran away basically. I was not impressed by that  at all. I had heard to many good reviews on this foundation all I needed was some great customer service and I would have bought it!

Anyway I went to Boots but their YSL person had went home so there was no one to serve me apart from a lady who stunk of fake tan and kept chewing gum in my face, quick exit yet again. This time I went to House of Fraser, the lady was lovely bit on the quick side only put it on one cheek but a least she took my other make up off first. She gave me the sample B10. Which weirdly wasn't my shade but she didn't have the next one up? This had me confused but I have been giving them a go anyway

Available at:

Top= B10
Bottom= BR20
I have had these for about a week now, I am not sure that they are my colour they seem a bit pale. The photo makes them look yellow but they are not. I don't think this is the right foundation for me I just feel slightly washed out. And for £29 thats not so cool. My search continues.

Have you experienced the tribal stripe/ crap customer service from YSL before?

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