Monday, 17 June 2013

Jimmy Choo Perfume

Aha I'm back! laptop is fixed whooo! first post with more to come!

A topic I have not covered yet ... perfume....I got this perfume from my Aunt for my birthday. We went shopping and I tried loads of different types. They always smell nicer on other people! Anyway I had my eye on this one for a while now but I have never been that bothered buying new perfume's but I decided I needed a more grown up scent. 

Available at:

Other perfume's I use are 
  • Amor Amor by Chacharel
  • Heat by Beyonce
  • Armani Code by Armani

I had been using Amor Amor for years I got given a free sample when I was younger and used it ever since. My Grandma bought me Heat and I really like it but I can never seem to smell it on myself, I have been told thats a good thing but I wish I could smell it on me haha. My friend got me an endless supply of Armani code for christmas and birthdays because she thought it was a blue bottle of Amor Amor bless her. I have grown to like it now and I eventually told her its a little bit different to Amor Amor.

Anyway my favorite perfume is my Jimmy Choo one so I don't use it often in the hope I will be able to smell it ... this does happen to everyone right?

What perfume's do you use?