Sunday, 27 January 2013

Liz Earle- Deep Cleansing Mask

Good evening everyone!  Hope you are all having a lovely sunday :-)

Those of you who dont know me wont know how obsessed I am about Liz Earle products.  I own/ have tried nearly all of her skin products. Since her makeup has launched I have been wanting to try those too, so far I have tried the mascara base, her black mascara and a sample of the skin tint.

So I thought I would do a review on what I think is the best face mask out of all 3 of her masks.I have been using my sample size bottle which is 15ml. This is about the 6th time I've used it so a little goes a long way! For a 15ml tube and two sponges its £5.25.

Beforehand I used Liz Earle Cleans and Polish to remove any make up. I then dried my face on a clean towel and applied half a tea spoon amount of the Deep Cleansing Mask. (Basically layer enough to cover your skin, dodge your eyes/mouth and hairline!)

The image below shows the colour of the mask being a dark army green which I think is the best bit! This is what I expect a face mask to be like! There is only a tiny bit on my finger because I had already put the mask on then decided it would have been useful to see! Doh!

It smells really fresh but I found that once the mask was on the smell dissapears which I dont mind. On the bottle it says leave ot on for 5-10mins which I ignore its usually on for however long I'm in the bath for. I personally have never had any issue's with this.  Also on the bottle it mentions not being suitable for sensitive skin, I have had sensitive skin moments with some products but not with this.

Ok so after I was all camouflaged up I began to feel slight tightening and the mask hardening in parts. The hard part for me was to try and not touch my face I just tried to stay still however long then I used the sponge supplied to wipe off the face mask.

One of the sponges.
Once the mask was off my skin felt extremely clean and fresh!  Ready to roll on Monday! I also found that this mask helped me control any break outs I might have had and help prevent future ones. Which is getting to be less and less since I have started using Liz Earle products.

I then finished with a quick spray of Liz Earle skin tonic (typical!) then a bit of moisturiser.

Are you a Liz Earle addict like me? Have you got any recommendations for me?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Butter London- Knackered

Hi everyone!

I thought I would show you guys this nail varnish I bought a while back from Butter London, this is the nail varnish which made me want to try their range as I had never heard of them before. For people who have never heard of Butter London they passionate about their products being 3 free, which means free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP. Their nail varnishes are beautifully packaged in glass bottles with a black lid which is actually just a cap the real part you open is underneath. I love the high end look to these bottles as well as the vintage rock and roll design.

The colours you can get from Butter London are very unique to them, I have never saw a nail varnish like them before. I have two colours in my collection so far, the one pictured below Knackered and the other is Yummy Mummy which is like a neutral beige with a silver shimmer, its their number one seller so I had to give it a try!.

Knackered is a beautiful nail varnish, it was so hard to try and take a decent photo to show you guys the look of this polish. Its like a light purple colour in one light which will change between a green/ silver but then running through the nail polish is lots and lots of rainbow shimmer. I tried to capture the shimmer in the photo below.

Available at:

To get the look of the photo above I used my base coat (Star Nails) and applied 3 coats of Knackered. I was a little bit disappointed about how many coats I had to do to make it a solid colour but I was in awe by the colours and rainbow shimmer effect that I wasn't too bothered. The nail varnish dried pretty quickly by the time I had finished one coat I could do another.I did not put a top coat on this as I thought it would have spoiled the effect of the polish, its quite a matt looking polish but all in all its one of my favorites. Its not cheap at £12 a bottle.

Let me know what you think of this nail polish, have you tried any other Butter London polishes? x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Accessorize- Damselfly

Hello all!

I have saw a few different types of nail varnish like this before I believe Nails Inc and W7 have similar ones to this.  I got this nail varnish as a christmas present from my sister. I love the colour its a light blue with glitter particles in gold, silver and navy. This is a lovely unusual nail varnish, it only took two coats to get the desired effect shown below. I started off with my base coat (Star Nails) then my colour and finished with my top coat (Seche Vite) to give it a lovely glossy finish. This nail varnish lasted a long time without chips, about 5 days! The only down side is that when it comes to removing it from your nails its extremely tough. The glitter just does not want to budge, I reckon it took me about half an hour to eventually remove it from my nails but I find that most glitter nail polishes are like that so its not the only one!

Available at Accessorize in store £4
I have another nail varnish from Accessorize left to try but its an all over glitter one so I will try it soon or maybe just on my ring finger. All in all I cannot fault Accessorize nail varnishes they are amazing value and if I get my way I will have the whole collection!!

Have you tried any of the nail varnishes from Accessorize?  if yes,which ones? :)

China Glaze- Red Satin

Hello everyone!

Before christmas there was a special offer on at BeautyBay where I tend to get lots of my beauty products. The offer was you pay £14.95 and they will send you random items to the value of £45 or more. This was one of the items I got China Glaze in the shade Red Satin. 

I had never tried any China Glaze products before so I was really pleased when I received one of their products because they are quite cheap and they have had great reviews.

I used my base coat (Star Nails) followed by two coats of colour, once coat would be enough this is highly pigmented but to give a more professional finish I used two. Finally My Seche Vite top coat.

The nail varnish itself is very glossy which I love the shiner the better! The colour is a very rich almost juicy red it has to be my favorite shade of red out of my collection. I would highly recommend this nail varnish, I will update this post in the next few days to let you know about general wear :-) 

If you would like to know what else I got in my box from BeautyBay then just send me a tweet @laurabellablog

Available at:

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Choccywoccydoodah birthday cake!

Hi guys
My family came to visit me this afternoon so I opened my birthday cake from my husband. It was a triple layer chocolate cake filled with white chocolate truffle smothered in white and milk chocolate. On the top was a marshmallow pyramid with a huge milk chocolate heart with "happy birthday Laura" wrote in white chocolate!
It was a lovely surprise as well as the huge choccywoccydoodah cake my aunt made me a very rich but delicious chocolate cheeesecake. Right now im extremely full and I've had my chocolate fix for today!
Hope you guys had a great relaxing sunday! If you would like to see what else I got for my birthday please comment below :-)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Accessorize- Elegance

Good evening :)

I have a party tomorrow night so I decided to paint my nails tonight so I don't panic about it a few hours before!. I have used a beautiful neutral caramel colour which will go with any outfit. I chose this as it gives quite a clean salon finish. I started off with my base coat (Star Nails) then two coats of colour finishing with my top coat (Seche Vite). This nail varnish is from Accessorize called Elegance. I love their nail varnishes! I was lucky enough to snap this up in the sale for a whole £2 bargain! Let me know what you think! Have you got any bargains in the January sales?

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Teal Glitter Nail

For christmas I got a selection of Accessorize nail varnish from my sister, the teal colour being one of them. I decided to try it out and put a glitter top coat on my ring finger, below is the result:

I Started off by using Star Nails base coat, I applied a single coat. This is a really cheap base coat about £1.50 a bottle it dries really quickly and seems to do the job by protecting my nails. It has a matt finish, by the time you have painted all your nails its usually good to go. 

I then painted my nails with Teal nail varnish from Accessorize this is about £4 a bottle. I love Accessorize nail varnish the pigments are amazing, two coats is all you need for perfect coverage but for a quick bit of colour one coat would be fine. It seems to dry fairly quickly, it gives you enough time to neatly paint your nails. They are fairly cheap nail polishes but the quality is great, they last about 4-5 days then chips will appear!

For my glitter nail on my ring finger I used Nubar Dewdrop, This is a beautiful topcoat its like fairy dust but for your nails, they shimmer blues, purples and pinks. I did two coats to make it extra sparkly. This dries pretty quickly. I ordered mine from BeautyBay for £6.95 a bottle(linked below). I have ordered many things from them now, prices are great and free delivery!
For my top coat I used Seche Vite, I also bought this from BeautyBay for about £8 a bottle. Only one coat is needed, it is quite a thick polish and you have to work quite fast. This is the best nail product I have ever bought. It brought the fun back into painting my nails again. It dries super fast leaving nails glossy and feeling stronger. Nail varnish lasts much longer but my main thing from this was that it dries quickly. I was always bothered about not touching things after I painted my nails, but if you put this top coat on and if you get a mark on your nail I can near on guarantee it wont be the nail varnish thats smudged, but a mark on top of the nail varnish what you will be able to scratch  off! 

This is one of the only top coats I have used but I would like to try others. The other topcoat I have used was by Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops which was about £11 a bottle. It was amazing to me at first until I tried this, its alright does not dry as quick but it makes your nails feel like you have had them done at a salon which is always nice. if you have any suggestions of different FAST drying topcoats for me to try please comment below. 

Gingerbread House 2012

Good Morning all!

Thought I would post a photo of one of my Christmas baking attempts, this was my first attempt at a Gingerbread House. I don't think it looks to bad at all, tasted yummy. I used various sweets to decorate the house such as marshmallows, jelly beans etc. Let me know what you guys think!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

First ever blog post ...

Happy new year everyone!

This is the first time I have ever blogged ... Basically I have been following people on Youtube for a while now (I don't like the word following- sounds like I stalk them but anyway you get the point). I have ended up buying/ testing many products because of their recommendations. I have now bought enough crap myself to think that I should review them too and give my opinions on these products and others I have bought.

I also have random creative moments usually cakes/ sweet edible items and thought this would be a good place to share what I have made.  This blog is going to be pretty random from beauty products, cake attempts, to my day to day journeys if exciting enough ...

Thank you for stopping by!