Monday 17 June 2013

Jimmy Choo Perfume

Aha I'm back! laptop is fixed whooo! first post with more to come!

A topic I have not covered yet ... perfume....I got this perfume from my Aunt for my birthday. We went shopping and I tried loads of different types. They always smell nicer on other people! Anyway I had my eye on this one for a while now but I have never been that bothered buying new perfume's but I decided I needed a more grown up scent. 

Available at:

Other perfume's I use are 
  • Amor Amor by Chacharel
  • Heat by Beyonce
  • Armani Code by Armani

I had been using Amor Amor for years I got given a free sample when I was younger and used it ever since. My Grandma bought me Heat and I really like it but I can never seem to smell it on myself, I have been told thats a good thing but I wish I could smell it on me haha. My friend got me an endless supply of Armani code for christmas and birthdays because she thought it was a blue bottle of Amor Amor bless her. I have grown to like it now and I eventually told her its a little bit different to Amor Amor.

Anyway my favorite perfume is my Jimmy Choo one so I don't use it often in the hope I will be able to smell it ... this does happen to everyone right?

What perfume's do you use?

Monday 27 May 2013

Butter London- Blowing Raspberries


Just a short one from me, its my 2nd wedding anniversary today yey! :)

This is my latest nail varnish purchase, Blowing Raspberries by Butter London. I love this nail varnish when I buy one of these its a bit of a treat as they are pretty pricey £12 a bottle. I have noticed that they have started selling some of the colours at Boots which is great! I have always just had to guess when I order these online as I did with this one. I thought this colour was going to be more pinky than red but its just what I would call a juicy red. All in all the coverage is lovely. The quality is great, I will happily buy one of these again on special offer like I  did with this one. I got this one for £8 including delivery from in their sale. This website was a great little find. Go and check it out! This is where I have ordered all of my Butter London nail varnish from.

Have you tried Butter London nail varnish before?

What do you think of this color?

Sunday 19 May 2013

Clarins BB cream


I thought I would write a little review on the new Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream, I had heard rumors about this for ages. I know it has been been out in America for a while before it came out in the UK so when I saw it on I noticed they were offering samples. I got in touch and they kindly sent some out straight away, great customer service!

I was so excited to try it my first reactions were that the colours looked really dark but there is no harm in giving it a go. The texture itself was quite thick, I had tried a few BB creams previously and they had a similar texture so I thought this was pretty normal.

I applied a small amount to my face after I had took my other makeup off etc. I tried my best to blend and buff this but it was just too much of an effort to get this to work with my skin. I am very pale and had hoped that the light would have been alright as I had been recommended this by someone else who is quite pale. I am guessing we have the same shades as what they have in America etc but this is just way to dark for me. I think the texture is also not quite what I was looking for either as I was wanting more of a light weight BB cream.

I think if you have a darker skin tone then this would be worth a try if you are after a BB cream, it has an SPF in it too which is great. The main let down for me was the colouring and the texture being really thick.

Have you tried this BB cream?

I have just ordered Dior Nude BB Cream in 001, I have been using a trail and I love it, I also have treated myself to Dior Rosy Glow Blush yey. I bought these from they should be getting delivered this week :-)

Saturday 18 May 2013

Lush Event 12/05/2013

Good Afternoon :)

I have always been intrigued by Lush, the brightness of the shop, the overpowering aroma's when you walk by etc. I have bought a few items over the years but I have never really fully been able to go into the shop and be able to confidently pick something up and know what its for. I think this is what has kept me from going in more often. 

When I found out that Danny @helloadventurer was organising a Lush Event I was really excited to get the opportunity to go. I loved the uniqueness of Lush, their passion for their natural products as well as fighting against animal testing.

On the afternoon of the event I met up with Elaine @Elaine_the2BBs before meeting up with some more beauty bloggers from the North East for some lunch. The event started at 5.30pm after the shops shut so we had the store to ourselves. We were greeted by Danny and his team which I have to say are an amazing credit to Lush.

We were educated about the background to Lush how the products are developed, the progress they are at with making as much of the products as possible naked. Their achievements regarding fighting against animal testing, their giant fridges, Pete the seaweed man. It was great to hear about a company which its staff obviously love working for. After hearing all that it made me feel proud to use Lush and be part of what that company stands for.

The plan for the evening was to split into two groups one would make a bath ballistic the other a cleanser, we would then stop for drinks/ snacks and swap over. I was in the first group to make a bath ballistic, the one we were being shown how to make was Space Girl, its purple in colour, smells lovely, all glittery and the best part is the popping candy inside!.

After a demonstration of Space Girl in action we were shown what ingredients we needed to combine and place into plastic moulds. I loved the look of Space Girl its one I have never used before. I have never used it simply because of the glitter, I am not a glittery bath person so by making it myself I was able to miss that part out yey! Below are photos of Space Girl in the silver bowl and my finished Space Girl ballistic minus the glitter! We had to let this set for 24 hours.

It was then time for a little break, we were all kindly offered cupcakes/ cake pops which were beautifully decorated and went down well with the lemonade. This little break before we swapped gave us all time to try and mingle with other beauty bloggers there and to have a good look and the products.

Break over. It was now our groups turn to make Angels On Bare Skin cleanser. We started off with a huge silver bowl for us to all add the ingredients after we got to have a smell/ snort of them all. Once combined Danny rolled it up like a swiss roll and cut it into segments for us all to take a piece.

After we had all finished making Angels On Bare Skin/ Space Girl we got the opportunity to buy some products. I bought another Comforter because it smells amazing and you bath looks so pretty! I also bought some of The Godmother soap to try, this smells just like the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub. Instead of just being given the products I had bought in a little bag they were put in a huge bag full of goodies! I was so shocked by the amount of items we got in our gift bags! Below is an image of the items we got inside. Thank you very much Lush! its a great way for me to try more of your products and become addicted love your plan, its working! :)

The day after the event I could not wait any longer I had to try Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser and the Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask, all I can say is WOW! Why had I not tried this stuff sooner?! Once I got over the texture of the cleanser I actually liked it, its a bit messy but your skin feels amazing. Next up, the face mask, there is actual blueberry bits in this so not the best look while wearing it but afterwards my skin felt so nice. I will 100% be buying these again and have recommended these to so many people, I cant wait to try the rest! 

One last thing, just to say thank you to Danny and his team at Lush it was a fantastic event and I am now a Lush convert! I cant wait for the next event if I am lucky enough to go!

If you went to the Lush Event have you tried any of the products from your gift bag? What do you think?

Can you recommend me any other Lush products to buy?

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Spare lip products I always carry

Hello All

I have started to become a lip product hauder, I now dont just carry my trusty Chap Stick I carry allot more. I have no idea why but I have gave myself too many options so they all come ...

I have:
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick- Shade 19
  • Revlon Lip Butter- Shade 025 Peach
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick- Shade Plum Jam
  • Nivea Hydro Care
  • Liz Earle Super Balm

Available at:
Soap & Glory-
Liz Earle-

Below I have swatched the colours, as you can tell I am not that exotic they are all pretty much natural reddy pinky colours. From top to bottom: Soap & Glory, Revlon, Rimmel.
I love the Soap & Glory Gloss Sticks I really want the pinky one, Plum Jam is a lovely shade, not overly pigmented but a great glossy not a sticky finish.
Revlon Lip butters are great the colours are lovely I have my eyes on a few more shades (Candy Apple is one) the only downside I found with them was that mine and my aunts melted, I have read other reviews and a few other people have said the same which is a shame.
I love the colour of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, This was my first ever lipstick purchase I cant say I am converted I don't think I like the matt look, I will keep giving it a go! 

Below are more of lip care products than anything else, the Nivea one smells amazing, if you can remember the candy lip sticks you would get in a pick'n mix when you were younger then that is exactly what they smell like yum!
The Liz Earle Superbalm is amazing, you have to warm it up slightly because its a bit gritty. Once warm its smooth and full of moisture, I don't just use this on my lips, if I have a dry patch on my elbows/ hand etc just pop a bit of that on its really soothing.

Can you suggest me a lovely lip product?

Monday 6 May 2013

Latest buys

Hello hope you are enjoying the sun :)

I thought I would show you a few of my latest buys, I have been wanting a Real Techniques Stippling Brush for ages so when I went shopping with my friend she decided she wanted to trail some new foundations and brushes. I could let her have all the fun so I bought one too. I also have the face Core Collection set which arrived last week from Amazon, it was a bargain price I found this thanks to @Makeup_Magpie it was only £13.99 instead of £21.99!
I also bought Soap & Glory Glam A Lot body spray which I had been after for a while, I think this smells lovely. I have my eye on Soap & Glory's Perfume too I cant believe how cheap it is. I will treat  myself when I get paid.
Finally when I went to Asda to change some money for me going to the Netherlands I saw this scarf, I don't usually like skulls on things but I thought this was quite nice. I liked the added detailing on the corners having the small embellishments on the skulls. This was a bargain at only £6, I have wore it loads too!

Available at:
Real Techniques:
Soap & Glory:

Have you found any bargains recently?

Friday 3 May 2013

Good Afternoon everyone!

Its the bank holiday weekend whooo!!

For people who don't read my blog much I am on the hunt for the perfect foundation! I had been recommended Clarins BB Skin Perfection Cream from someone who lives in America. This has now finally came out in the UK so I was desperate to try it. My review today is more on a company rather then the product, I will do a product review at a later date.

I have only recently found the website , I am so glad I did! I have been looking more and more at Guerlain products and keep wanting to try their foundations since I bought one of their lip glosses and had my makeup done by them in House of Fraser. Anyway they sell Guerlain products on their website too which is how I found the website and where I found the Clairins BB Skin Perfection Cream. I was reading the product description and it said if you would like a sample to tweet them.

I sent them a tweet mentioning that I would love to try it, they replied and asked me to send an email with my address and they would send me one out.I sent them my details and they replied on Twitter ridiculously quick saying that it had been popped in the post! 

Today I was so excited coming home hoping that my sample would have arrived and wow it did I was very impressed. I opened the envelope which was wrote by hand to find a hand written note. This was such a nice personalised touch you hardly ever see these days! I was over the moon receiving my samples I was only expecting one! The service I received from this company and I had not spent a penny with them was fantastic. Its great that there is still some companies out there that care about every customer no matter how small their purchases are in my case it was just requesting a sample. So far from my experience I cannot rate this company highly enough and even if I don't get on with this foundation I will happily purchase items from this website in the future! You should go check them out if you have not already!

Here is their Twitter account: @Escentualdotcom
Have you bought anything form here before?