Monday, 27 May 2013

Butter London- Blowing Raspberries


Just a short one from me, its my 2nd wedding anniversary today yey! :)

This is my latest nail varnish purchase, Blowing Raspberries by Butter London. I love this nail varnish when I buy one of these its a bit of a treat as they are pretty pricey £12 a bottle. I have noticed that they have started selling some of the colours at Boots which is great! I have always just had to guess when I order these online as I did with this one. I thought this colour was going to be more pinky than red but its just what I would call a juicy red. All in all the coverage is lovely. The quality is great, I will happily buy one of these again on special offer like I  did with this one. I got this one for £8 including delivery from in their sale. This website was a great little find. Go and check it out! This is where I have ordered all of my Butter London nail varnish from.

Have you tried Butter London nail varnish before?

What do you think of this color?


  1. I've been wondering where the best place to buy these nail polishes would be, I'll keep that website in mind!

    1. They are really good I would recommend especially if a Boots near you does not do them :)