Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Little splurge

Good Afternoon!

I have been on a huge foundation hunt recently trying high end products because I never seem to get it right with high street ones so I have kind of gave up. I went shopping to try some foundation samples and ended up at the Guerlain counter in House of Fraser. I had never heard of this brand and felt quite guilty. The woman who served me, Andrea was so nice. She talked me thought lots of the products and sat me down and basically went wild. She did my full makeup! I had never in my life experienced someone putting mascara on me before so that was interesting. Anyway I was dreading seeing myself because I thought she had put loads on, I was so surprised when she gave me the mirror I looked like a pristine version of myself, slightly sunkissed with glossy lips and awake eyes!

I no longer looked "dead" as my aunt likes to tell me. I was really impressed. I asked her to write down all the products she used so I could come back and buy them. I ended up walking found House of Fraser for another 10 mins purposely going to the sunglasses department. The reason being, one to look for some new sunnies and two to secretly stare at the new makeup to see if I really wasn't orange.   

On my way round I got stopped by two people who said my makeup looked lovely and natural, I did the badge check, they didn't work for Guerlain or even the make up department so I was impressed with that, I have never been told that before. Eventually I went back and purchased my first ever lip gloss and a high end one at that. This one was £21  and she gave me a sample of their latest perfume which is lovely but I think the scent is a bit too old for me.

Available at:,default,pd.html

I cant tell you the colour because on the bottom it has 872, I think its rose in bloom. It is a lovely pinky colour with tiny small flecks of glitter in gold. It is not a sticky formula otherwise it would have driven me insane. It is very moisturizing too, I am looking forward to getting paid and going back to have another nosey at the make up again.

Have you bought anything from this brand before? have you went in for something before and come away with something else?

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