Sunday, 6 January 2013

Teal Glitter Nail

For christmas I got a selection of Accessorize nail varnish from my sister, the teal colour being one of them. I decided to try it out and put a glitter top coat on my ring finger, below is the result:

I Started off by using Star Nails base coat, I applied a single coat. This is a really cheap base coat about £1.50 a bottle it dries really quickly and seems to do the job by protecting my nails. It has a matt finish, by the time you have painted all your nails its usually good to go. 

I then painted my nails with Teal nail varnish from Accessorize this is about £4 a bottle. I love Accessorize nail varnish the pigments are amazing, two coats is all you need for perfect coverage but for a quick bit of colour one coat would be fine. It seems to dry fairly quickly, it gives you enough time to neatly paint your nails. They are fairly cheap nail polishes but the quality is great, they last about 4-5 days then chips will appear!

For my glitter nail on my ring finger I used Nubar Dewdrop, This is a beautiful topcoat its like fairy dust but for your nails, they shimmer blues, purples and pinks. I did two coats to make it extra sparkly. This dries pretty quickly. I ordered mine from BeautyBay for £6.95 a bottle(linked below). I have ordered many things from them now, prices are great and free delivery!
For my top coat I used Seche Vite, I also bought this from BeautyBay for about £8 a bottle. Only one coat is needed, it is quite a thick polish and you have to work quite fast. This is the best nail product I have ever bought. It brought the fun back into painting my nails again. It dries super fast leaving nails glossy and feeling stronger. Nail varnish lasts much longer but my main thing from this was that it dries quickly. I was always bothered about not touching things after I painted my nails, but if you put this top coat on and if you get a mark on your nail I can near on guarantee it wont be the nail varnish thats smudged, but a mark on top of the nail varnish what you will be able to scratch  off! 

This is one of the only top coats I have used but I would like to try others. The other topcoat I have used was by Leighton Denny - Miracle Drops which was about £11 a bottle. It was amazing to me at first until I tried this, its alright does not dry as quick but it makes your nails feel like you have had them done at a salon which is always nice. if you have any suggestions of different FAST drying topcoats for me to try please comment below. 

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