Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sweets /food im loving at the moment


I came back from the Netherlands about two weeks ago now and I am on my last cow biscuit they are amazing we need these in the UK. I also bought these hard jelly's on the ferry home. They are berry flavored or so they say. All I can tell you is that they are addictive and extremely chewy my jaw was hurting for a day after getting carried away with a whole tub!

On another note in the UK Mars have learned that I actually can't live without those limited edition rabbits they bring out at Easter and that it is me clearing the shelves when Easter is coming to an end. Well I didn't have to do that this year because they have brought "Teasers" out, this is the best thing ever! at the moment it was on offer at £1.50 a bar  at Tesco you can also get it a small bar pppft big bar all the way! Cheers Mars! one happy bunny!

What's your favorite snack at the moment? Have you tried the new "Teasers" chocolate?

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