Thursday, 28 February 2013

No7 Makeup

Hi everyone!

I like to change my foundation allot, I dont know if its because I have not found "the one" or just because I'm picky.  I went to Boots a while back after seeing their advertisement about the little camera what takes multiple photos of your skin to tell you what shade foundation you are. Well this sounded magical to me because I have to say one of my biggest foundation fears is the tide marks around your jaw/ the tangoed look. After the little camera took my picture it was agreed that I was "Cool Vanilla".
I chose the light foundation because I like a really natural finish on my make up. This product also has SPF 15 in which is great.

I apply this on with my fingers as I think I get a better result than a sponge/ brush. the packaging itself is pretty average. I had a voucher for a bit of money off so I only ended up paying about £6/7 for this. I really like the colour the finish is lovely I still put a transparent powder over the top because I hate any type of shine on my face.

I also decided when I was at the no7 counter I needed a blusher. I ended up buying Soft Damson Mineral Perfection Blusher.  This is a beautiful colour and gives me a lovely healthy glow which I appreciate because I have had my aunt tell me I look dead at times. Love the slight glimmer it has it makes you look awake and fresh. The only thing about this is I am a beginner with blusher and this is very pigmented, confidence will come eventually but to me this is very strong so I have to go easy on the application a little goes a long way.

Below are some pictures showing the colours against my skin. They are lovely products and dont cost allot, I would 100% recommend you give them a go at least the foundation. Its not everyday a computer can tell you your exact foundation colour.

Have you tried these before? do you change your foundation as often as me haha?


  1. Keep seeing this foundation service advertised, might have to pop in and try it

    1. the colour is lovely, i might try the others in the same shade :)

  2. I change my foundations a lot! I have a few which are my all time favorites, but I like to byu new ones and experiment! :))


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I am back to my old Clarins one atm x