Friday, 22 February 2013

First attempt at Zumba


This post is let you know how my first attempt at Zumba went , what I thought of it and why I have started doing more sporty things. I decided about a week ago that I needed to get fit and back into shape. I really just want to feel like my old self, all I do at work is sit at a desk all day its not good for you!

I have started changing what I do at work as much as I can like taking the stairs instead of the lift, buying fruit instead of chocolate, making a packed lunch to try and save money etc. I just want to feel better about myself.

Well to be honest I have no idea why I wanted to try Zumba, I guess its because I have a short attention span and thought this would keep my awake. In my head I imagined a bunch of middle aged women going wild to some random music. Its that and allot more! I was probably the youngest one there, I went with my friend for company who also had never been before.

First thoughts on the hall was that its an average gym hall a few mirrors etc, nothing scary. At the back was a bunch of women. This is a brave move for me because I am quite self conscious in front of other women.

Anyway they were all smiles even if they were in their own little groups. The coach? trainer? tutor? came over and spoke to us to see if we had been to a class before. She was so nice and enthusiastic!

We walked over to where everyone else was and got some mats. I was not expecting needing mats to dance like a loon but I took some, advice was take 2 because the floor was hard ..... it was a wooden floor but oh well to be expected I guess. Next people were rummaging around in a box I noticed they were taking weights which was optional. To me that was a perfect challenge, everyone was taking 1kg, me being me had to be different, I took 1.5kg thinking I was great. I think it was more because they looked newer. 

Me and my friend walked to the other side of the room to make space, my aim was to not see myself in the mirror so I could concentrate staring at the coach person. After a few minutes the music started and the coach just turned into a different person bouncing all over the place shaking everything she had whooping and cheering. Wow she was enthusiastic it upped the mood of the whole room.

She just didn't stop, you could tell everyone was practically dying but they kept going to make her happy. It's what you need really, someone to be that positive about things. She was fantastic. I kept going, shook everything I had, looked like a right fool but I didn't care! It took me a few attempts to pick up the moves but I still went for it!

Next was the weights, oh my god!. Clever bugger with the 1.5kg's dancing about, arms nearly falling off but I wouldn't back down, I'm very stubborn like that! Surprisingly my arms are only hurting a little bit today. After the weights was some weird stomach move, sit ups/ crunches I'm ok with but these weird twisty things and hovering your legs just above the floor killed! I better have a six pack after a few months at this!

Over all it was the most I have worked out in a long time even though I do trampolining it works different muscles. I am going back next week and I cant wait the hour went over so fast!

oh and by the way there are no photos for a reason :P

Have you tried Zumba? What sporty things do you do? any motivation tips?

Take care x


  1. Really want to try Zumba, bit embarrassed though lol this post has made me think again

    1. you should totally give it a go! there isn't enough time to stare or care about what anyone else is doing. I will get the hang of it eventually but I cant wait to go back I've felt great ever since! tad sore but it makes me think that its working lol