Friday, 15 February 2013

Quick Primark Shop

Good evening!

Hope you are all well.

Again I went shopping but it was only in Primark so its alright :-)

I have saw nail varnish styles like this loads now but I kept on thinking I would pick it off straight away. I loved the nail varnish colour and the beads to put on the top looked so pretty so for £2.50 I cant complain, I had to buy it. I did have my eye's on a one from Accessorize...

I also bought this red statement necklace, I really love dark reds at the moment and I thought this necklace was so pretty, I got it in the sale for only £1. It makes a jingly noise when it moves which I actually really like. I have wanted a statement necklace for a while but some of the ones I have saw have been horrible. This one caught my eye a while back but I never got round to buying it, glad I managed to find one in the sale!

The last thing I bought in Primark was this hair donut. I love my hair when its up in a big bun, I think it looks really sophisticated, you can dress this look up or down. I have been wearing my hair like this for a while now but I didn't use a hair donut... I was a classy bird and used a clean thick wooly sock! I cut a bit off the end and rolled it up to make the donut shape.

My excuse for this was that I didn't have time to go to the shops and buy a hair donut so I DIY'd one, I have just been using it ever since. I thought it was about time I actually bought one, this one was only £1. Bargain!

Have you ever DIY'd a hair product?, Have you made a sock donut yourself?